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Dr. Lisa Sulewski

Dr. Lisa Sulewski has been a dedicated veterinarian at Concord Veterinary Hospital since June 2006 and received her veterinary degree at the University of Tennessee. What sets her apart is her unwavering commitment to her patients and their owners.

Dr. Sulewski thrives on building strong relationships with pet parents, ensuring clear communication and trust. She finds immense joy in the cheerful interactions with her canine patients, and her extensive knowledge in internal medicine, acupuncture, ultrasound, behavior, and dermatology allows her to tackle complex cases with confidence.

Her work at Concord Veterinary Hospital is enhanced by the supportive community and wonderful clients. She practices medicine to the best of her ability, knowing the importance of a trusting and collaborative environment.

Beyond her professional life, Dr. Sulewski is a loving mother and pet owner to a Malti-poo named “Buddy” and a cat named “Oscar.” She enjoys attending her sons’ sporting events and exploring the great outdoors through hiking.

Dr. Sulewski’s passion for a “fear-free” approach in her practice ensures a comfortable and stress-free experience for her patients. She’s committed to making each visit a relaxed and reassuring one.