A dog eating a nutritional meal


Food is fuel and food is medicine. A proper diet that has adequate vitamins and minerals will provide a pet with high energy levels, a healthy body weight, and sleek coat. A proper diet will also help pets living with chronic conditions, like arthritis and diabetes, manage and relieve symptoms. More importantly, feeding your pet a proper diet from the beginning will help to prevent the onset of chronic conditions, like diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease, and other serious health issues like bladder and kidney stones and obesity.

Reading pet food labels, and knowing what is best for your pet, is not always clear cut. The medical team at Concord Veterinary Hospital will provide personalized dietary and physical activity recommendations specific to your pet’s age, size, health status, and unique health considerations.

Talk to your veterinarian if you are concerned about your pet’s body weight. Pet obesity is on the rise, and increases risks for diseases, high blood pressure, dermatological issues, and more. Overweight and obese pets also experience a lesser quality of life, so let’s keep your pet happy, active, playing, and at a healthy body weight!

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