Annie Carpenter

Hello there! I’m Annie Carpenter, a passionate animal lover and dedicated member of the Concord Veterinary Hospital team since January 2017. While I initially joined the hospital, my journey expanded when I ventured into grooming in May 2023.

Education: I pursued my academic interests at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where I studied Animal Science. Additionally, I enhanced my skills through online grooming courses at Penn Foster. Shadowing at Sherma eBark Place provided me with invaluable practical experience.

Passion for Veterinary Medicine: What drives my love for veterinary medicine is the opportunity to connect with each furry friend that walks through our doors. Every dog or cat has a unique story to tell, and I find joy in learning about them and building meaningful connections.

Favorite Aspect of Working at Concord Veterinary Hospital: At Concord Veterinary Hospital, I’m more than just an employee; I’m part of a second family. The camaraderie among my colleagues and the bonds formed with our patients make every day fulfilling.

Personal Life: Otside of work, you’ll often find me immersed in creative pursuits. Whether I’m oil painting, indulging in various crafts, or losing myself in a good book accompanied by some soothing music, I cherish every moment of relaxation. Oh, and I can’t forget about Scout, my beloved black lab mix, who adds endless joy to my life.

Feel free to reach out, whether it’s to chat about your furry companion’s needs or share some creative inspiration—I’m here for it all!