Meet The Team

Hospital Manager

  • Amanda Starnes

Client Services

  • Heather Miller - Hospital Food Nutritionist

  • Holly Hattemer-Frey

Veterinary Assistants

  • Arlen Rivas

  • Gage Weeks

  • Kerstin Anderson

  • Krista Ramsey

  • Lydia Best

  • Nicole Wilox
  • Nikki Conner, LVMT - Director

  • Raina Jones

  • Virgil Ciocan

Pet Care Staff

  • Amanda Rush
  • Cassidy Adams

  • Cressie Darling - Emeritus

  • Lisa Peirce - Director

  • Logan Dukes

  • Mikayil Birdal

  • Maria Kauffman

  • Nikol Bukovska

  • Sheryl Wright

Pet Play Staff

  • Amber Watkins

  • Elouisa Evans


  • DeeDee Price

Referral Veterinarians

  • Cornelia Porter, DVM - Advanced/Referral Dentistry & Oral Surgery

Our Doctors

Dr. Alan Gassel, </br> DVM & Founder  photo

Dr. Alan Gassel,
DVM & Founder

Dr. Alan Gassel has been practicing veterinary medicine in Knoxville since 1977. He founded Concord Veterinary Hospital in the spring of 1979, in a trailer behind its current physical location. Currently, Dr. Gassel supports the hospital as an administrator. To Dr. Gassel, the greatest joys of working in the veterinary field are building the relationships between both veterinarians and clients, and facilitating the relationships between pets and their families. Dr. Gassel is from the Chicago area and, in addition to being a veterinarian, has run 22 Chicago marathons. At home, his family includes his wife (a fellow veterinarian), daughter, six rescued dogs, and one rescued cat. Dr. Gassel’s wife, a fellow animal-lover, operates a horse training and boarding facility, and their daughter is a national horse-jumping competitor.

Dr. Barbara Currier,</br> DVM  photo

Dr. Barbara Currier,

Dr. Currier attended the University of Tennessee for her bachelor’s degree and then ultimately her Doctor in Veterinary Medicine degree. She has been a practicing veterinarian since 2003. Her professional interests and specialties include ophthalmology, internal medicine, and animal behavior. Dr. Currier’s favorite part of being a veterinarian is seeing the love clients have for their pets, and playing a role in their welfare. She has always had a deep love for animals, and a passion to help them and educate their owners. In addition to being a dedicated veterinarian, Dr. Currer enjoys whipping up sweet treats at home in the kitchen, spending time with her husband and two sons, and playing with her golden retriever, Boone.

Dr. Leo McCormick,</br> DVM  photo

Dr. Leo McCormick,

Dr. Leo McCormick completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Tennessee at Martin before matriculating into the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Tennessee. He specializes in soft tissue surgery, dermatology, and orthopedics. Some of Dr. McCormick’s favorite aspects of working at Concord Veterinary Hospital include his appreciation for his intelligent and compassionate coworkers, and the ability to make a difference in the lives of animals each day by practicing exceptional veterinary medicine. In addition to being a veterinarian, Dr. McCormick enjoys spending time with his girlfriend’s Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Oliver, and his Labrador Retriever, Baxter. When it comes to tricks, one of Baxter’s most impressive feats is tricking people into feeding him breakfast twice.

Dr. Lisa Sulewski,</br> DVM  photo

Dr. Lisa Sulewski,

Dr. Lisa Sulewski attended the University of Finley in Ohio to receive her bachelor’s degree before moving to Tennessee to obtain her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Tennessee. Since her graduation from veterinary school, Dr. Sulewski has been a practicing veterinarian for 13 years. Some professional specialties that Dr. Sulewski practices include internal medicine, dermatology, ultrasound radiology, and animal behavior. Dr. Sulewski’s childhood dream was to be a veterinarian and one of her greatest joys is to see when sick pets are able to make a full recovery. Outside of work, she enjoys playing board games with her two young sons and taking her Maltipoo and Doberman on long walks.

Dr Helen Evans  photo

Dr Helen Evans

Dr. Evans graduated from Ross University in 2008 and worked in Phoenix, Arizona for 11 years before coming to Knoxville, Tennessee. Dr. Evans understands how important the human-animal bond is to keeping pets and their owners happy. Dr. Evans is especially passionate about animal dentistry and she worked with a board-certified veterinary dentist for 3.5 years in Arizona. Her other professional interests include soft tissue surgery, parasitology and feline medicine. Dr. Evans has 5 cats and a 17-year-old leopard gecko. In her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, Japanese animation, knitting and crocheting, and makes home-made soap as a hobby.

Concord Veterinary Hospital

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